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     Besides our activities to help the communities described on our home page, we deliver the Personnel Efficiency Course to improve efficiency of individuals, Artists, OLs (Opinion Leaders), VIPs, Citizens, Civic Groups, Religious Organizations, Business Organizations, and of course corporations of any size, small, medium or big.

     What we want to achieve is raised IQ among the Employees, improved efficiency for Staff and Executives, rise in Revenues, Employee Retention. The company's overall performance radically improves through the Course and 2 more components since our Efficiency Program is a 3 component Program.

     The PE Course itself is a 5 days course 2 hours Monday through Friday with testing of IQ before and after the course for comparison. Testing IQ is a good measure to see improvement in one's efficiency, it is not the only measure though. The course is being delivered by Personnel Efficiency Instructors on the company premises. It is a fundamental Scientology Course and when done right exactly per the book, then it improves efficiency visibly and with a rapid rate.

     When we deliver the Personnel Efficiency Course for corporations of any size, we also deliver complimentary seminars for the Employees on 16 different subjects that helps them with their work efficiency and it also helps them in their life, since the seminars incorporate information even about raising children, how to help children and adults with study and education, how to help another with physical health issues, such as injuries so they can get on their feet faster and  be useful, how to handle suppression in one's environment so one can carry out with what they try to accomplish for themselves, for their family, friends, groups, and of course for what they want for their communities. This seminars improve the Employees work-life balance and enables better performance overall.

     Besides we deliver complimentary Establishment Steps, it is called Esto Series16 Steps and this are powerful practical applications to make the company Executives and Staff more successful, stable and high producing.

     Please get in touch with us for more information about the Personnel Efficiency Course and how it can benefit you and your corporation, may you have 30 Employees only or 2,500 or even 30 or 60,000 Employees. We will for sure help you step by step to gain, regain efficiency, increase your Revenues and Employee Retention and Effectiveness so you Flourish and Prosper with your Team.

     We also deliver the Personnel Efficiency Course to Artists, VIPs, OLs (Opinion Leaders) and even to Civic Groups, Religious Groups, etc... Pricing for the course is available upon inquiry.

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