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Executive Establishment Officer and Special Projects,
Personnel Efficiency Foundation 

EDINA BACK, Biography
1996 – present, 25 years
Executive Establishment Officer and Special Projects, Personnel Efficiency Foundation

1996 DENMARK, EUROPE. Born and raised in Hungary, Edina Back has always had the interest and intention to help others, so, at a young vibrant 24 years of age, she joined a Non-Profit Organization the Continental Liaison Office in Denmark, that is a Management and Training hub of the Church of Scientology on a Continental level. She got trained to serve in the Training and Quality Control Divisions and had the opportunity to train not only the Staff, but also many of the Senior Executives of Scientology Organizations on the Organizational Executive Course for Europe, got very strong certainty on training others to become successful Managers.

1997–2005. Edina gained broad experience in Project Execution with apprenticeships; learnt the procedures to analyze information and executing handling programs to reverse down trending organizations and/or strengthen organizational gains.

2005 FLORIDA AND CALIFORNIA, USA. With a very strong background gained in training and education of organizational management skills in Europe between 1996-2005, Edina came to the US to help one of the Non-Profit Organization of Scientology in Clearwater, Florida. Then since 2014 she has been helping Humanitarian Programs under the umbrella of the International Association of Scientologists.

2018 CALIFORNIA, USA. Edina undertook the task in the Greater Los Angeles Area of Organizing and Establishing Humanitarian Events to present the International Association of Scientologists Programs for Companies with Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and to Charity Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, Business Organizations and the like to help the millions of diverse nationalities and the people’s of Los Angeles as well as internationally to get to know these programs of the IAS and to begin volunteering, helping others, helping the communities. 

In May 2020 she took the responsibility to serve the communities and incorporated the Personnel Efficiency Foundation as a 501 c 3 Public Benefit Non-Profit Organization, Educational and Charity. She serves as the Executive Establishment Officer and Special Projects to help jump starting the delivery of the Personnel Efficiency Program that is a 3 components Program for the Executives and Managers plus Staff of corporations to make them more successful and prosperous.

From October 2020, HUNGARY, EUROPE made advancements for opening an Office in Hungary to expand the Personnel Efficiency Foundation to Europe to be able to help more.

Currently working on a building acquisition Project for the HQ of the Personnel Efficiency Foundation that will also house the L. Ron Hubbard Humanitarian Training Facility for the International Association of Scientologists. 

We are hiring Staff and also Volunteers! 

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once you have seen our Home page, what we do and I will be happy to tell you more!

You can start with promoting the huge Humanitarian Event we have scheduled for September 17th till October 1st 2024. See our Event Page on this website for details.

We also have a Project going on to create an Event in New York in Memory of September 11th 2001 and a Project to create 3,500 Workplaces for New Yorkans to help the communities. 

We need recruiters/fundraisers and Volunteers to help out with Corporate Social Responsibility programs when we affiliate with other Groups and corporations to help the communities. 

Get in touch with us through our Contact Page! 

Here below you can see Scientology Organizations where you can also be Staff or Executive if you qualify. On you can find their address, phone number to contact them! 

On there are lots more videos you might be interested in too. Check it out! 

You can also join Staff at a Church of Scientology here below shows Inglewood Staff and their activities, what they do for the communities! Very interesting!